About Whitesell Photography

Whitesell Photography was created by James and Debbie Whitesell.

About James:
JimI’ve had a passion for creating unique photographic images all my life.

I started taking pictures in elementary school, having my first photos published in the school newspaper in grade 7.  I continued shooting and started developing my own pictures early on, and my first job out of high school was as the photographer for a large school portrait company.

I spent my 18th birthday assisting a well-known celebrity photographer with a shoot in Tucson, AZ who was taking portraits of actors from a major Hollywood movie – the assignment was for Vogue magazine. 

In the following years I worked in photo labs and continued to shoot professionally.  My brother and I opened the first same-day photofinishing lab in Arizona which was the second photo lab I had owned.

I continue to do many types of photography including weddings, portraits, commercial product shots, architecture, action and sports – each new assignment allows me to find creative ways to capture and share my view through the lens.

I am now living in Edmonton and continue to be most at home behind the camera where I can create the memories my clients love. While equipment and techniques evolve and the darkroom has largely been replaced by the computer, creating unique and memorable images is timeless. I get great personal satisfaction when I see emotional reactions to my photographs and I take pride in capturing the essence of my subjects.

I invite you to contact me today so we can talk about the photography you need.

About Debbie:
Photography captured my interest at the very young age of 11 when my birthday present was a new camera. I began taking photos then and have never stopped. My little AGFA pocket camera taught me so much and within a couple of years it was retired I became the owner of my first Canon AE1. I have taken many photography courses over the years and my interest only grew as my world opened up as to how much there really is to learn about the art of photography.

Photo composition has always been fairly natural for me and I progressed over the years from photographing landscapes to people. I entered my first photo contest when I was 21 and had my photographs chosen for three consecutive years for a calendar and have also produced multiple award winning photographs in the last couple of years. I photographed my first wedding at the age of 24 and have continued to expand my knowledge through advanced photography courses, webinars, books and I also have an excellent teacher and critic, my husband. I have since retired my Canon AE1 and its lenses but the knowledge and experience I have gained while using them has been invaluable as I continue to explore the world through the eye of my digital cameras.

Though I love all photography, lighting, macro and wide angle photography is challenging me to research expand my horizons once again. Candid photography focuses on spontaneity in addition to technique and this is one of my favourite forms of photography and the close ups are what I love the most. While I capture those wedding memories, look behind you or beside you or glance in the background and I will be catching those shots that are so unique and priceless showing the emotions of the moment.

Let us capture the memories of those moments with you and for you that will last a lifetime.