About Whitesell Photography

About James:
JimI’ve had a passion for creating unique photographic images all my life.

I started taking pictures in elementary school, having my first photos published in the school newspaper in grade 7.  I continued shooting and started developing my own pictures early on, and my first job out of high school was as the photographer for a large school portrait company.

I spent my 18th birthday assisting a well-known celebrity photographer with a shoot in Tucson, AZ who was taking portraits of actors from a major Hollywood movie – the assignment was for Vogue magazine. 

In the following years I worked in photo labs and continued to shoot professionally.  My brother and I opened the first same-day photofinishing lab in Arizona which was the second photo lab I had owned.

I continue to do many types of photography including weddings, portraits, commercial product shots, architecture, action and sports – each new assignment allows me to find creative ways to capture and share my view through the lens.

I am now living in Edmonton and continue to be most at home behind the camera where I can create the memories my clients love. While equipment and techniques evolve and the darkroom has largely been replaced by the computer, creating unique and memorable images is timeless. I get great personal satisfaction when I see emotional reactions to my photographs and I take pride in capturing the essence of my subjects.

I invite you to contact me today so we can talk about the photography you need.