Random Thoughts

March 2, 2011:
Great things coming this year!
The talk around town is how tired everyone is of the cold and snow. We’re all ready for spring!
We’ve spent the winter developing new products and picture styles for 2011 and we’re excited to share them with you. Now is the time to book your portrait sessions. Once the snow melts and the flowers start blooming, we’re going to be busier than ever creating memories that will be enjoyed for generations.

Contact us now for your spring portrait session


July 20, 2010:
Wedding Season in Full Swing
We haven’t been updating the website as regularly as we’d like since we’ve been busy with this season’s weddings and other portraits. Many couples are planning their 2011 and 2012 weddings and we still have several open dates. If you are researching photographers for your wedding, be sure to check out our article that offers tips when choosing a wedding photographer. As with any profession, there is a wide range of service and quality available.


October 11, 2009:
Winter Portraits
The first snow has fallen, and it’s starting to look more like winter. While we don’t have metre-deep snow drifts yet, they’ll be here before you know it!

Our winter time weather gives us some unique opportunities to create fun, unusual portraits. While most people don’t instantly connect winter time with portraiture, we can create some really different images.

What’s your favourite cold weather sport? Think about how unique a portrait would be that included an activity like skiing, snowboarding or on a snowmobile. If those don’t fit for you, maybe a winter time portrait with a beautiful snow covered landscape or in front of a warm fireplace would tell your winter time story.

Many Albertans dread the long cold winters, but a winter themed photo session is a great way to embrace mother nature’s gift to our area!


September 30, 2009:
It’s starting to get a bit cooler and more and more couples are beginning to plan for weddings in 2010. It’s important to secure the services you want as early as possible since dates tend to fill up quickly.

Booking your photographer, music, caterer and location as soon as possible can provide a lot of peace of mind as you create one of the most memorable events in your life.

I still have available dates for 2010 so if you’re planning your wedding please call or contact me soon so we can meet and you can decide if you’d like me to be your photographer.

I have a special offer for couples booking weddings in 2010 which I’ll tell you about when I hear from you.